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Myers Chimney is a chimney service company located in beautiful Haliburton County, Ontario, Canada and has been servicing the area since 2007 with team members qualified to provide any Level of WETT Inspection you require (1, 2 or 3) depending on your circumstances. 

We are committed to being insured in the categories required for our industry:

CGL Commercial General Liability
E&O Errors and Omissions
WSIB Workplace Safety Insurance Board

We sweep chimneys all year long, diagnose and make repairs; we sell and install complete chimney systems and the wood burning appliances that everyone else is selling or if you prefer we can provide the cleanest burning, longest burning wood stoves in the world (Blaze King) with up to 40 hours burn time. Ask us and we will tell you and show you the difference!

We are the people to call for your regular chimney sweeping or if you have trouble with your wood burning system. We are skilled at trouble shooting mysterious problems or assessing your system compliance, including whether or not the components are installed as they should be. When booking your chimney sweep please let us know how your system is working for you or if you have any concerns - this puts us in a better position to advise and assist you.

We have an attitude of constant learning.

We do not pretend to know everything.

Our goal is to find the source of the problem and remedy it in the most reasonable way, or at least provide you with an accurate assessment and the best strategy of system operation. The more efficiently your stove burns the less impact there is on the environment which also means more heat for your home. 

Wood-burning is a renewable resource and experienced, qualified, caring chimney sweeps play an important part.

At Myers Chimney we routinely participate in educational opportunities to expand our knowledge and ability to provide the best service possible. Wood burning is not rocket science, its chimney physics, we would be happy to explain this to you during your sweep service.

Ask about the quality venting and wood burning appliances that we sell and visit our showroom.

Remember: The Only Thing Better Than A Good Service Provider Is A Great Customer!


Best Regards,

Ian Myers



Wood Energy Technology Training


National Chimney Sweep Guild

Ian Myers has been instrumental in WETT acknowledging the need for, as well as the development and implementation of Standards of Practice for WETT Members. 
The Standard of Practice for WETT inspectors has been completed and is available for viewing on the website. 
He participated in the development of the new WETT inspection forms and the new WETT inspection course regarding the use of those forms and inspection processes. All new WETT inspectors have commenced education in this process and previously certified members are required to upgrade their education by no later than Jan 2025. 

He is currently participating in the development of the WETT Standard of Practice for Chimney Sweeps.
He currently serves as the WETT National Vice President (second term) and the Chairman of the WETT Communications Committee.
He sits on the CSA (The Canadian Standards Association) B365-19 Technical Committee (Installation Code for Solid Fuel Burning Appliances and Equipment in Canada) as a voting member.
Myers Chimney and it's employee's are members of the National Chimney Sweep Guild.
Ian is a regular contributor to WETT educational material through various WETT Committees.
He also provides, when requested, expert opinion reports for industry related court proceedings.


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