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Performance Diagnostics

There are endless, subtle factors that influence solid fuel system performance.  Myers Chimney has the experience and expertise in most cases to remedy or improve the performance and/or the Code Compliance of your wood burning system after analyzing the information you provide to us by email /pictures or while sweeping, performing WETT inspections etc.
If you look at some of our Google Reviews you will see that many times we help people solve issues by email, for no charge, even people out of our service area. Yes, we would rather save you the money of having us come out if we can troubleshoot it together in this way. We cannot guarantee results by this, but more often than not, it helps, and definitely can get to the bottom of whether or not you need us to come out for service.
I actually find it quit satisfying when I can help in this way.
But, it works best when limitations are acknowledged and carefully not exceeded (my problem not yours).

 So, feel free to be as detailed as possible, even sending pictures when you contact us. 
We do this because we are willing to share what we have learned over many years and know, that in future, when you do need us you will not hesitate to call.

Likewise, this is just value added while performing your routine chimney sweeping. 


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