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 Chimney Sweeping       

Your Sweep Report:

Myers Chimney will supply an inspection report with every chimney sweep that meets the requirements of a NFPA Level 1 inspection.  This is valuable information for insurance purposes, but even more important, it assists you in evaluating your own chimney sweeping needs over time.     (This is not a WETT Inspection)

Ever notice that every company out there claims they are fully insured?

Did you know less than 10% of chimney sweeps have E&O insurance?

Ask them if they are WSIB registered?

Ask if they are members of the National Chimney Sweep Guild?

Years of experience counts, ask them how long they have been in business? 

Add on Services While Sweeping:

Broken Glass?

We custom cut wood stove and fireplace replacement glass in our shop, any shape or size needed, in a timely fashion.

We replace wood stove firebricks as well as the door and glass gaskets.

Please let us know if you require these services while booking and we will advise pricing and processes.

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