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A WETT Inspection For Insurance.....

(You should probably read this one - View Our Insurance Certificate Below)

You are told by your insurance company that you require a WETT Inspection of your wood stove and chimney system, your Broker may even suggest a specific company to do the inspection.

Yes, it is important to check the credentials of your inspector; are they currently WETT certified?

You can check for yourself by going to and using the 'Find A Professional' feature.

So, your insurance company requests a WETT inspection to confirm that your system is compliant with current Codes and Standards in order to decide your insurability status. This protects their interest and yours.

Did you know that Solid Fuel (wood-burning-system) inspections are not covered by CGL (Commercial General Liability) insurance policies?

A special type of insurance only applies to WETT Inspection activities, called 'E&O', or Errors & Omissions insurance.

It is a little ironic to me that to obtain or maintain insurance protection you are required to hire a 'professional' to provide an inspection that will be used by a third party to determine your insurability and nobody thinks to enquire as to whether or not that company or individual is actually insured to perform that inspection.

I strongly suggest that any insurance broker that is referring WETT inspectors confirm that they are adequately covered as qualification for the referral, or that they suggest their clients confirm the same.

Ask to see their Insurance Certificate - if they have it, they will be happy to show it to you.

The statement "We are fully insured" rolls off the tongue a little too easily.

“Hello, thank you for returning my call, can you please provide proof of your E&O insurance coverage before I book the inspection?”


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