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The Luck of the Chimney Sweep

In European tradition, a chimney sweep is considered lucky. In Great Britain some chimney sweeps offer the service of attending weddings, decked out in full regalia. Dusty suit and sooty faced, because it is understood that a sweep brings Good Luck to the union. I have pondered the origin of the myth is simply that a knowledgeable sweep as a daily routine keeps bad things from happening to good people by servicing their wood burning systems and even pointing the way to better burning with their tips and tricks.

Then, there's last week. One of our technicians Matt Neville was replacing a brick in a wood stove at the request of a customer on Kennisis Lake Rd. To get a brick to fit it is necessary to vacuum out the cracks between the bricks. While doing so he noticed something gleaming in a crevice (how he did not suck it up in the vacuum I will never know) It was a Gaelic ’Trinity' diamond ring.

The home owner Ellen T. was absolutely thrilled when Matt presented it to her. It had gone missing over a year ago and held great sentimental value. She said she had searched and searched every where to find it. She had been visiting a friend at the hospital and even returned to look there as well.

A day at the jewellers for a little polishing and the ring will be right back where it belongs.


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