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Don't Let a Bitter Hearth Dealer Scare You Off a Catalyst Stove!

I realize that Catalytic technology is taking a bite out of their business. But, don't let our competitors get away with misinformation.

OK, time to clear the air.

Catalytic stoves do not produce any more creosote than any other wood burning stove. If they are

operated correctly there is no difference!

If your wood stove is burned daily as a serious heat source you will need your your chimney checked and swept about every 2 to 3 months. If you burn your stove every day and it does not need sweeping for 2 to three years- THIS IS NOT A GOOD THING! - that would mean that your stove has a poor design and is more interested in heating the chimney than your home!

If you want a maintenance free chimney I suggest something like propane.

Now, my last counter-punch: They will tell you- You are going to have to replace an expensive catalyst!

To be fair on this point you would have to ask every stove dealer how much it would cost to replace their baffle system. Yes, they all deteriorate and require replacing- with serious home heating use. A good guess would be 5 to 12 years.

We asked Pacific Energy (because we have replaced many of them).

Baffle, side rails & flame shield = 388.00. To install we would charge 200.00 Plus tax

I think you get the idea! A catalyst goes for 315.00 + hst and you can put it in easily yourself

(or we will install for free with a sweep) It is not unusual for a catalyst to last for 10 years

(*The manufacturer (Blaze King) also has a 10 year warranty on their catalyst).

Now, lets talk about what matters.... what stove captures the greatest heat for your home and lets you sleep through the night?


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