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Don't Let Your Roofers use Rubber Flashing!

Black or red rubber flashings- the roofers choice!

Roofers love to use rubber flashings for your chimney because they are slightly easier too install with little skill (that's the only reason I could come up with).

Here are the reasons you should say NO:

They are not compliant for 4 reasons-

  1. they do not allow free passage of air to cool the chimney- chimney can overheat presenting a fire hazard.

  2. the black one is combustible -it can melt.

  3. chimneys can only be installed with the parts supplied by the same manufacturer that made the chimney!

  4. they are not structurally strong- they collapse under weight of snow.

It is not really a difference of opinion. Just don't listen to the roofer. Read the instructions that you get with the chimney. Or later when inspected you will find out the hard way.


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