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Does Your Stove Smoke Back?

If your stove smokes back and it never did before- then you may need to have the chimney swept. Always take note of the weather outside, since wind-induced down-draft is a common occurrence in Haliburton County. You chimney is especially subject to this at start-up and while cooling off.

But, if you have an outside masonry or stainless steel chimney that has a reversed draft because of cold air falling in the chimney (which is natural when it is not being used). It can be rather unpleasant to grin through the smoke until the draft is established- through the usual paper and kindling process. I'm being humorous here, but breathing any amount of smoke is not good for you or your family.

In our showroom we have exactly that problem. We only light the fire and heat the showroom during business hours. It also has an outside chimney.

Through trial and error I came up with the perfect method that I do suggest you try if you have the same problem.


  • Wood must be dry

  • Lay one layer of medium (6'') split logs covering the bottom of the stove

  • Place 3 chunks of compressed wax/ wood fire-starter blocks or cubes spaced evenly on top of the layer of wood each chunk approximately 1.5'' x 1.5'' sq.)

  • light the starter cubes (like candles) - close the door (leaving it open a crack for about 2 minutes- then close the door completely, leaving the air control wide open on the stove

  • Observe the 'candles' for 1 minute with door closed

  • If the flames do not choke -the draft is reversed! open the door and fill the stove with wood half way- making sure the candles are under and around the smallish wood you are putting in- proceed as usual

Congratulations on your no smoke start!


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